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Unique Solutions through team design approach



Executive Officer


Scope of Service


Land Planning

Contract Admin.

Interior Design

Programming/Space Planning


Firm Profile

Established in 1995, Vaughn Design Studio is a multi-disciplined Architectural, Planning and Interior Design Firm.  We bring a variety of project experience to each new assignment.


The range of our capabilities is broad.  We design and manage a variety of projects for commercial, financial, corporate, health care, and residential clients.  Projects range from new construction to renovation or a combination of both.




Space Planners 

Interior Designers

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Unique Solutions through team design approach

Vaughn Design uses a project team approach to accomplish a client’s objectives.  Before a project gets underway, a team is formed whose members are selected on the basis of individual expertise.  A Project Manager is selected and has overall responsibility from design through project completion. 

Our Goal

Excellence in quality, both in product and service is our principle focus.  We are committed to creative design, client service and professional growth.  We believe these are interdependent goals because in the final analysis, good design is good business.

Executive Officer

Rickford L. Vaughn, AIA

Scope of Service


Determine Client Needs

Create Visual Concepts to Satisfy Owners Needs

Select Material/Systems Utilizing Value Engineering

Prepare Detailed Working Drawings for Construction

Provide Technical Support During Construction



Site Analysis

Determine Political and Physical Constraints

Provide Visual Communication Documents to Owner

Prepare Visual Concepts to Maximize Development



Expand Architectural Production Potential

Provide Quality Control of Visual Documents

Increases Adaptability of Documents for Owner Changes

Provide Visual Documents of

Interior/Space Planning Growth Patterns



Issuance of Bidding Documents

Administer Bid Opening

Conduct Negotiations with Contractor to Accommodate

Owners Construction Budget

Administration of Contract between Owner and Contractor

Provide Plan Interpretation


Determine Client Interior Needs

Create Interior Visual Concepts

Select Materials/Furnishings

Prepare Visual Communication Documents for Owner

Provide Detailed Drawings for Layout of Interior Spaces

Provide Technical Support During Construction



Determine Client Interior Needs

Program Interior Needs Present and Future

Generate Sequenced Interior Growth with Computer

Prepare Visual Documentation of Programming and Space Needs for Owners Use

Provide Planning/Budgeting Tool for Owner